Day 5- Disney!

On Monday, we went to Disney. A fantastic experience that we would have never thought we could have crossed off our bucket list. Everyone got to do a number of things that they wanted to do, including Jordan being selected for Jedi training, Amanda being sung to by the Voices of Liberty, and I getting pictures with both Mickey and Miney Mouse. We did a number of the rides, saw a few AC shows, and had some good food while in the park.

For me, the best part of Disney was the fun times we had with each other. With our lives being so busy and only becomming more busy the moment we get home, it was very nice to go “slow” for awhile and spend time with each other. Those moments alone made our trip to Disney “The Happiest Place on Earth.”Image,

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Today, August 5th, is Amanda’s birthday. What better way to celebrate than with chocolate cake in a room overlooking Disney!

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Pics from Day 3

We made it to Anaheim! It feels so nice to not be in a car. Here are some pics, and hopefully Jordan will get finished writing his reflection of the day soon so that we can share with you.

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Pictures from Day 2

Here are pictures from day 2. The blog will be coming soon!



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Pictures from day 1 

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Day 1- nearly 1000 miles!

Well the trip has begun. After saying good-bye to Noah, we  began our trek. We made it through Iowa (did a almost-reversed RAGBRAI), escaped Nebraska (including seeing a rainbow-colored water tower in a town called York, visited and took pictures of all sorts of things in Denver (including the State Capitol building, Mile High Stadium, and Coors Field), stared in awe of the Rocky Mountains (and yes, we did take some pictures), and ended the day in Glenwood Springs, CO.

Our food this day was just as exciting as our trip. We had lunch at Ole’s Big Game in Paxton, NE (thanks Uncle Ryan!). This place had taxidermined animals all throughout it! The owner’s wife was our waitress and was super nice. The food was decent, but is worth the trip to see all of the animals- including the large polar bear.

Dinner was also a treat. Due to some investigative work by Ben Schafer (thanks Ben), we had dinner at a place in downtown Glenwood Springs, CO called The Grind. Fantastic everything! The beef burger was a combination of 3 types of beef grass-fed from a farm 12.5 miles away from their restaurant, and then bring it back to the restaurant where they grind it fresh. They have some killer sauces and great and unique toppings. Strongly recommend a visit if you are anywhere near the area.


Tomorrow we travel roughly 600 miles and arrive in Las Vegas! We’ll post pics as soon as our resident photograhper (Jordan) gets around to it- probably Saturday.


Take care and peace,



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The night before

So here we are- just mere hours before our epic, exciting, and exhilarating adventure. We are getting the final things packed, saying our good-byes to Noah, and headed to bed. We are truly fortunate to be part of this adventure. Makes me think about the Holy Family and their travels to Bethlehem back so many years ago. They had a clue what might be in store, but, as God’s plan normally is, they found quickly that they were not in control. God’s always in control.

While on our trip, we have an idea for what is to be expected. But between having some quality family bonding time, a jammed-packed LA Coliseum celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe, and a 3-day conference with people from all over the world working to advance Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism, one can only imagine what God has in store.

So, in the morning, we pray for a safe trip and set off. With the Holy Family traveling with us, St. Stephen the Witness watching over us, we will have a great time.


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Our Itinerary

Here is the outline of our trip-

Thurs, Aug 2- Travel from Cedar Falls, IA to Glenwood Springs, CO. Overnight in Glenwood Springs

Fri, Aug 3- Travel from Glenwood Springs, CO to Las Vegas, NV. Overnight in Las Vegas.

Sat, Aug 4- Travel from Las Vegas, NV to Anaheim, CA

Sun, Aug 5- Attend KC Guadalupe Celebration in Los Angeles, CA. Happy Birthday Amanda!

Mon, Aug 6- sightseeing throughout southern California. souvenir pin exchange at hotel.

Tues, Aug 7- KC Supreme Convention Opening Mass, Opening Session, States Dinner (all broadcasted live on EWTN). Amanda and Jordan sightseeing throughout southern California

Wed, Aug 8- KC Supreme Convention meetings, Iowa delegation dinner. Amanda and Jordan sightseeing throughout southern California

Thurs, Aug 9- KC Supreme Convention meetings, departure for home



Total states through- 6 (Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California)

Number of hotels- 2, maybe 3

Number of bed and breakfasts- 1

Estimated number of miles- 3,900

Estimated time of departure- 4:00am

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Two weeks out

So here we go- it’s the 19th of July, and we’re roughly 2 weeks before our fantastic trip across the country in search of this Convention. We are still working on some logistics- namely how long are we going to drive for each of our first days and where to stay. Yes, we playing with the risk that we’ll end up like Mary and Joseph, but what’s a road trip without some adventure, right?

Things that are already packed- the Lindenwood University lion (GO LIONS!) and T.C. from the University of Northern Iowa (GO CATS!). You will see the two of them throughout our trip. Also packed are our official credentials and various paraphanelia needed to gain access as an official delegate. The rest- that’s what the next two weeks are for.

If you know of a saint to pray for safe and stress-free packing, start bringing him up to the majors from single-A. They will be needed.

Vivat Jesus!

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So you found it….or maybe it found you. Whatever the case, we’re glad you are taking a moment out of your schedule to come visit. I (Paul) wanted to set this up in order to document on a larger scale our trip of a lifetime- the worldwide gathering of the Knights of Columbus.

Our family will be driving to California. Why? Because we’re cheap. And because we can see 5-6 states in the process. States that some of us have never seen, others not in a long time. Besides, what same family would not jump on the chance to be in the same car for 12-15 hours a day together?

We’ll have pictures and some audio along the way, and everyone going will write, my guess is that I will be doing the lion’s share.

So, again thanks for reading. Hopefully we keep you entertained as we roll along…….

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